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Keeping your homes and landscaping looking great and healthy all year starts with knowing what needs done and when.

Our recommendations to keep your landscaping looking great, safe and healthy are listed below. We also list what time of year each task needs to be done.

    Recommendations for Great Looking
    and Healthy Landscaping:

    Spring Time -
  • Remove winter wraps from trees and shrubs.
  • Prune ornamental grasses that were not cut back in the fall.
  • Cut back perennials
  • Divide and transplant any clustered fall blooming perennials and grasses.
  • Do not prune trees or shrubs too early in the spring as it could cause damage.
  • Remove excess and clumped mulch.
  • Remove all leaf and other debris
  • Add new mulch.
  • Rake or remove any sticks or other debris from the yard.
  • Rake or thatch all dead grass. Be sure to notice any spots that may need re-seeded.
  • Test your lawns acidity level and add the proper balances as needed.
  • Apply proper fertilization for your yard.
  • Apply weed prevention as needed.
  • Water the lawn if required by fertilizer or weed prevention, or if you experience an unusually and excessively dry spring.

    Summer Time -
  • Keep trees and shrubs pruned to maintain a well kept appearance and healthy landscape.
  • Keep a new layer of mulch in your beds, this acts as insulation from heat and maintains moisture levels for plants.
  • Install and maintain proper sprinkler and watering systems.
  • Proper watering and water conservation is very important when heat and a lack of rain lead to water deficits and drought
  • Look for signs of discoloration in your lawn. This may be signs of damage from pests or disease.
  • Proper fertilization.
  • Proper mowing of your lawn - Cut reqularly, alternate directions each time you cut, do not cut when excessively wet or dry, do not cut too short for the weather.

    Fall Time -
  • Plant later blooming flowers like mums and pansies.
  • Plant and trim ornamental grasses.
  • Clean and resupply birdfeeders.
  • Plant flowering trees.
  • Plant evergreens.
  • Plant shrubbery.
  • Plant spring flowering bulbs.
  • Fertilize and winterize your lawn.
  • New lawn seeding.
  • Lawn renovation and or reseeding.
  • Sod placement
  • Overseeding
  • Spot seeding
  • Thatching

    Winter Time -
  • Snow plowing.
  • Sidewalk and walkway shoveling.
  • Clearing leaves and debris
  • Timely and certified tree and shrub pruning.
  • Insect control and treatments.
  • Tree and shrub feeding.
  • Ground cover clearing or replacement.
  • Regenerative pruning.
  • Fertilize and winterize your lawn.
  • Weed control.

    Act now! -
  • Follow the list above to maintain a great looking, healthy, and safe landscape all year long.

    Do you need help? -
  • Carson Landscaping is happy to offer you help with any of your landscaping needs.
  • Carson Landscaping is a professionally trained and certified organization.
  • Carson Landscaping is knowledgable, considerate, and willing to meet your needs.

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Proper maintenance is important to keep
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