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In order to maintain a healthy manageable lawn, you must fertilize it. Weeds grow faster, larger, and will overtake an improperly fertilized lawn.

Slow growing, yellowed, and weed filled lawns are caused by lack of or improper fertilization. To maintain a dark green healthy and turf-like lawn, proper fertilization is needed.

A successful fertilization program consists of scheduling a proper nutrient balance rationed sequentially throughout the year. Along with proper watering, this will develop and maintain a healthy, thick and green lawn.

    Proper Fertilizing Schedules-
  • Early Spring -
    Fertilizing now strengthens the root system and prepares for the coming growing season it also removes the dead brown winter colors

  • Early Summer -
    Fertilizing now strengthens the lawn for the hot dry weather and maintains the green color

  • Early Fall -
    Fertilizing now continues to keep the grass green and rich when it begins to grow faster again

  • Late Fall Early Winter -
    The most important application, strengthens the roots for the harsh and cold weather ahead while preparing for next spring

Act now! -
  • Fertilization is vital to maintain a healthy and beautiful lawn.

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