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Important Summer Maintenance:

Well, it's finally summertime and your landscaping needs something a little extra to get just what you are looking for. Maybe you have just a few too many weeds around, or your plants and trees are a little too overgrown.

The summer weather can wreak havoc on your yard, so here are a few tips that will keep your land looking great.

    It's time for:

    Summer Landscape Maintenance -
  • Keep trees and shrubs pruned to maintain a well kept appearance and healthy landscape.
  • Keep a new layer of mulch in your beds, this acts as insulation from heat and maintains moisture levels for plants.
  • Install and maintain proper sprinkler and watering systems.

    Summer Yard Maintenance -
  • Proper watering and water conservation is very important when heat and a lack of rain lead to water deficits and drought
  • Look for signs of discoloration in your lawn. This may be signs of damage from pests or disease.
  • Proper fertilization.
  • Proper mowing of your lawn - Cut reqularly, alternate directions each time you cut, do not cut when excessively wet or dry, do not cut too short for the weather.

    Act now! -
  • Summer landscaping is vital to maintain future health in all areas of your landscape. Unkept landscapes can quickly get out of control and dangerous.

    Do you need help? -
  • Carson Landscaping is happy to offer you help with your summer landscaping needs.
  • Carson Landscaping is a professionally trained and certified organization.
  • Carson Landscaping is knowledgable, considerate, and willing to meet your needs.

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Specific Questions:

damaged winter grass
Proper summer maintenance is important to keep
a great appearance, health, and safety of your landscape.

ornamental grass
The summer heat can badly
and permanently damage your lawn.

freshly watered lawn
Proper irrigation of your lawn is necessary to maintain
its growth and appearance throughout the year.